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Portuguese cuisine no longer only comprises of heavy meals with strong (and tasty) flavours, but rather it has evolved at a surprising speed and many new chefs have emerged on the scene. Each in their own way, these chefs are creators, developing a new concept of Portuguese cuisine that uses national ingredients, but in a more appealing, original and creative way. Gone are the days when the best restaurants in town were only the Italian or the Japanese restaurants.

One figure who gave life to this new phase of cooking is Vítor Sobral. With light green eyes and a friendly smile, Vítor Sobral and his crew not only manage one of the best restaurants in Lisbon - Tasca da Esquina, but also create new dishes and flavours on a daily basis.

It was at the young age of 21 that Vítor Sobral became a chef. He has worked in many of the most popular restaurants in Lisbon, including the Terreiro do Paço restaurant, which projected him to the most important chefs in the country. Vítor Sobral is a cook and author of several books that demonstrate some of the recipes he makes with the best national ingredients. He is known to be one of the pioneers of national tapas, as Miguel Castro Silva was in Porto. These little treats created from Portuguese rural traditions (especially from the Alentejo) can be tasted in his restaurant Tasca da Esquina which opened in 2007.